Luton Airport Minicabs

A Minicab to Luton Airport

Luton Airport is located in the county of Bedfordshire, approximately thirty five miles north of London. Lying outside of the “big three” airports of the capital, it’s frequently forgotten about but is in fact the 5th busiest airport in all of Britain. Although getting a minicab to Luton is simple, getting one from the airport itself is often problematic because of its location. For those heading to this smaller airport, they are few finer services more reliable than a good London minicab firm, and Location Cars has developed a reputation for reliability, excellence and reasonable prices. This potent combination of advantages has seen them become the transport of choice for many of London’s wealthy companies in prime locations such as High Street Kensington.

A lot of the people that come through this particular location are tourists, on their way back from a holiday in the sun or off on some amazing adventure. They’re normally content to return to the capital on public transport, but those who have more pressing issues to deal with.

Reliability is Paramount

They will often need to jump in the most reliable minicab Luton can offer and head off to a meeting or conference. They don’t want to have to put up with cramp coaches or shuttle buses. They have bigger things to worry about and, thankfully, they have Location Cars to get them to their destination in no time at all. The ever reliable and much respected firm is committed to getting their clients from the airport with as little stress as possible. Those flying in for professional reasons often have deadlines to meet and tight schedules to stick to. The last thing that they want is to be distracted by transport and other small details, so they hop in a Luton minicab.

Don’t Leave your Luton Minicab to Chance

Service is key in this industry, and few can offer as complete and comprehensive peace of mind as Location Cars. They’re a company that realises that everything has to run as close to perfect as possible. When a minicab to Luton is booked for 6.15, it will be there on the dot. Dedicated staff and managers ensure the running of a very tight ship and customer satisfaction is number one. Such an attitude has proven to be invaluable and corporate clients in particular seem to appreciate such a prompt service. They expect the best of the best and they’re sure to get it from this elite agency.

Getting to the airport late is not an option for most on a business trip, because it means vastly increased expenses and the possibility of their companies not paying out, causing great personal cost. In the light of such a risk, it’s hardly surprising to see why so many corporations book a minicab to Luton airport for their employees on business in the capital, rather than leaving it up to chance and opting for public transport. When it comes to routes for a minicab London to Luton is fairly tame, compared to Gatwick or Heathrow, so they can rely on getting there on time, provided that they don’t try and cut things too tightly.