Chelsea Minicabs

The district of Chelsea can be found in South West London, but surprisingly does not lend its name to a specific tube station; instead being serviced by a number of undergrounds. Situated in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, it plays host to one of the most prestigious shopping districts in the city; the King’s Road. Frequented by many a celeb and, at times, even a royal, the upmarket boutiques reflect the prestigious charisma of the area. Still a very affluent and much-desired place to live, the average house price is over £1 million. The shopping experiences coupled with the wining and dining opportunities makes the district a popular destination for those that don’t necessarily live in the area. Be it a quick drink after work or a family trip on a weekend, there’s never been a better time to call on one of the minicabs in Chelsea to really feel like a local. The professional attitude of all of our drivers, the impeccable cleanliness of our vehicles and the absolute absence of tardiness from our service ensures you encounter a pleasant experience, every time.

Location, Location, Location

Its location on the Thames allows for the Chelsea Embankment to fully flourish with passing traffic, chosen by several prestigious eateries as their base. The area is easily accessible via a number of tube stations, most notably Fulham Broadway. And if it’s been well-prepared to deal with the traditional London weather and the typical onset of rain, packing out the mezzanine with clothing stores, bars and restaurants. Of course, if you make the trip to London, you probably don’t want to be spending it inside a station, nor running about in the rain. This is the perfect opportunity to hail one of the Chelsea minicabs that can be found in the district. You can get dropped at the door of whatever establishment you are headed to, and not worry about getting a cold or drenched by the weather. You relax, admire the fabulous sights that can be seen in the area, and just enjoy your surroundings.

Where to?

In a city as big as London, it can be all too easy to become overwhelmed, not knowing whether you’re coming or going. Of course the postal districts go some way in helping visitors to assess just whereabouts they are. For example, those postcodes starting SW obviously refers to places in the South West of the capital. But how do you know the difference between the SW3 minicabs and SW10 minicabs available? This can put an obvious blight on anyone’s day, so should be avoided if ever possible. Which is why, here at Location Cars, we are always looking to help out those facing potential troubled times ensuring you can travel to your destination.

Chelsea Carriages

At least once every fortnight, the district of Chelsea is overrun with incredibly excited football fans that flock to Stamford Bridge to see their idols play. With plenty to shout about, given the presence of the team in the Premier League, there is always an abundance of them travelling to and from the game, resulting in a very packed tube. This is the last thing you want, especially if you’re going to a midday game and fancy popping out for some grub post win (or lose). That’s why you should feel more than comfortable relying on the Chelsea minicabs that can be scouted in the area.