Earls Court Minicabs

The dated history of Earls Court goes some way to explain its situ here in London. Having existed as a stop on the District line since the mid-late 1800s, and the arena, by the same name, many might have heard of this place. However, it’s location, close to desired spots such as Kensington & Chelsea makes it more of a thoroughfare than a popular destination itself. Whilst this may be the case, in many instances, there is more to Earls Court than initially meets the eye.

Depending on what you wish to obtain from a visit to this, or any part of London, there is quite a bit to partake in that can be found in close proximity to the tube station. It is, in fact, one of the foremost places to visit in town when looking for a relaxing watering hole. A casual stroll after work from High Street Kensington, a short ride on the tube, or even a leisurely lift in one of the Earls Court minicabs that you can hail in the area, then you’ve arrived. Take your pick of places to treat oneself to a beverage.

Victorian Architecture in Abundance

But, that’s not all. There is so much to do, that it can be a little overwhelming. Why not visit one of the many museums on offer in the nearby district of South Kensington. Immerse yourself in a day of exploring with a little educational activity. Learning can be fun too. Afterwards, head onto some little eateries and bars to quench your hunger and thirst. It could be a chain or a stand alone diner. Whatever takes your fancy, Earls Court certainly has something to offer those in need of sustenance. Its architecture is often overlooked, which is a shame as Brompton Cemetery, one of the Magnificent Seven, managed by the Royal Parks is a mere five minutes walk away. To get from this magnificent styling of gothic Victorian architecture, just hail one of the SW10 minicabs that can be found in the area, and you could be sitting down with a glass of wine, or espresso, in mere moments. After a long day exploring the sites, a little pick me up is just what you may need.

Efficient and Professional Services Courtesy of Location Cars

If you’re not sure of where it is you’re headed, and the last thing you want is to be wandering around trying to find the place, don’t! Have the postcode handy, and then get a lift from the efficient and professional chauffeurs available from Location Cars. No matter what your destination might be, we cover the whole of the London area. Our drivers make you feel completely secure, are knowledgeable about this fair city and experienced on the roads. Alternative companies, perhaps operating in location-specific areas, for example only offering SW3 minicabs, are limited in their service, however you can rest assured that Location Cars caters to your needs.

Catch It Whilst You Can

When you book one of the minicabs in Earls Court, you can catch a ride when you choose to do so. That’s one of the best things about them. You don’t need to book hours in advance, it can be as short notice as ‘shall we get the bill and head home?’. With the city lit up beautifully at night, it makes sense, rather than running for the last tube, that you travel home in comfort. With the recent news that Earls Court Exhibition Centre will be demolished to make way for housing and a whole new high street erected, it’s best to take in the scenery for as long as you can before it is wiped permanently from the London skyline.

When you want to be sure you can make your meeting, or get to your destination in good time, booking the minicabs in Earls Court that are available from Location Cars makes perfect sense.